Digital Signage & Interactive Display

  • Indoor Direct LED Display Cabinet : LED displays deliver stunning picture quality at a cost-effective price point.
  • Samsung Digital Signage Outdoor Display : Robust outdoor signage with high visibility and durability.
  • LG Digital Signage Standalone : Experience effective and entertaining LG Special Signages, designed to the particular requirements of commercial environment.

Token, Queue Management System

  • Queue Management system is an effective tool for serving the customer without any in convenience and waiting in long queues.
  • Queue Management system provides support for multiple counters, gives report counter wise as to how much time taken in serving a customer each counter, how many total customer were served etc.
  • This queue management system is mainly used in banking, hospital,telecom,government and so on where there are a lot of customers waiting for his or her service. The complete queue management system consist of ticket dispenser,calling pad,led counter display,waiting room led/lcd main display.
  • Queue Management System software: control and manage the queues, can realize the function of Multiple language calling and Multiple language translation, and can realize the report statistic function.
  • Interface and language and ticket format can be customized, and you can add logo or some other information on the ticket, like time, waiting people, the information can be editable.

Interest Rate Boards

  • Interest Rate Displays are a great way to help your customers keep informed of changing bank interest rates.
  • Interest rate boards can also be used as pricing boards in environments such as fast food Outlets and Cafeterias.

Nurse Call System

  • Nurse Call Systems allow a patient to call or contact their nurse/nurse's station easily and enables healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care to their patients.
  • Dome Light/Corridor Light : The dome light alerts staff to the correct location of where the call's coming from to expedite the response.
  • Patient Station : The Patient Station gives healthcare professionals the ability to communicate directly with residents and hear their needs.
  • Pillow Speaker : The pillow speaker is at the centre of the patient room experience as it gives patients access to their nurses, entertainment, and control of their environment.
  • Call Cord : The call cord is plugged into the pillow speaker jack on the patient station and provides a unique call-in priority that is customizable based on facility needs.
  • Nurse Console : The nurse console is typically located at the local nursing station or any place where staff receive calls.
  • Code Station : The code station is a push button station providing the ability to place a code call.
  • Bathroom Station : Bath and shower stations are water-resistant pull cords that are activated when pulled.
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